From the beginning of your existence you have been Unpredictable, me nor the doctors cold determine when you would make your arrival, one said Dec.17 then, Dec. 28 then, Ja. 23 but you came when no one would predict, you came @ 8:43p.m., when the nurses were changing shift, their was no warning, no labor pain no broken water from start to finish it took 45 minutes

Unpredictable. You give us joy, smiles,hope expectations. At a young age you became a prayer warrior you prayed for a sister and God gave her to you,When we were told it could not happen, Unpredictable. You gave us 3 wonderful grandchildren. Just when people think they have figured you out you do the Unpredictable..... 

(Unpredictable----Difficult to foretell or foresee:unknown in advance; "an indeterminable,Following no predictable pattern) 

Be you...."No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for you 2Cor. 2:9

Love you Dad & Mom

" When LIFE gives Her lemons, She demands to see Life's manager. Life thought it was a Catastrophe, but She said Oppurtunity. Life thought it a Setback, but she said A Set Up for Even Greater! When Life thought it was Over, She stared it down and asked, "DO YOU KNOW THE GOD THAT I SERVE" !! She makes Life rue the day it thought it could give Her lemons. For when Life gives Her lemons, She makes Orange Juice.......AND THEY WONDER HOW SHE DID IT........"

Esined LeRue~aunt


"When you taught me how to tie my shoes and snap my fingers. You were a teacher. When we ran in the meadows of Kansas picking wild flowers and cashing lightning bugs. You were my playmate. When you showed me how to properly shave my legs. You were my mentor. When you came to my rescue after my first heartbreak. You were my defender. When styled my hair on my wedding day. You were my friend. When my heart was broken and I had no hope. You were my covering. Through all of this and so much more, you were, you are, and forever will be my sister and my very best friend."  

LeAngela Richards-Pike