My Why

When I sat at my lowest point, not wanting to be in this
world, I felt that I needed to know why this all happened to
me. Why was I the one who suffered so many loses, so much
turmoil, so much pain. In His still small voice I heard God
say, “Le’ Erica, look at all the lives you can touch. Look at
the experience, the example, the knowledge, and the
wisdom you have been given, even in your darkness. It was

Where you saw single mother, you saw an assault victim,
domestic and mental abuse victim, you saw the mother of
fatherless sons, the mother of a troubled child, you saw
broke destitute and forgotten. 

But I saw strength, an overcomer, tenacity, courage and the  daughter of The King of Kings. Where you saw survival, I called you to conquer.”

So why did I write my story on paper for all to read? I
share my story in the hopes that someone will find healing
in my wounds.

~Ms Le'Erica


We Are Diamonds

To understand your brilliance, understand the process
of a diamond!
An uncut a diamond is an ordinary looking rock. In fact,
if you didn’t know what it was, you would probably just
throw it away.
So, what gives these rocks their priceless value?
They've got to be cut...
The original shape of the "rough" diamond determines
the shape of the final gem.
The "rough" suggests where the cuts should be and how
deep they should go.
If a diamond is cut too deep, the light escapes
downwards and the center will appear dark.
A cut too shallow results in light escaping through the
base and it will look watery, dull or grey...
The perfect cut warms the diamond with fire and
When a "rough" is cut and polished, up to 75% of its bulk
is lost in the process.
It knows that if it wants to sparkle and gleam with fire
and beauty, that cutting is a process it must endure.
Without being cut it can never be a diamond...
Surrender to the process, in the hand of The Master You
to are a diamond in the rough
I surrendered to the process I am no longer broken in
spirit, no  longer scared of the dark ~ Ms Le'Erica