I will spend the rest of my life helping other feel less broken

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As I'm making some final edits to my "story" I'm reading through each event, situation and struggle that I've encountered. Through them all I made it, however I did not embrace the spirit of a conquering until about 2 years ago. 

There is a phase I believe we go through when we are "traumatized" wether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or physically. Some get caught in the persona of victim. We remain stuck in what happened, who did it, or why it happened. 

Some remain stuck in the mode of survivor. You can survive and be disfigured, crippled, even merely functioning with signs of life.

Be to live in and embrace the spirit of a conquer, is to overcome!! To be healed, to take back everything that was taken from us. To walk with a boldness it who, and what we are. My prayer is that all of the people I come into contact with will learn to dwell in the spirit of CONQUERING. We were not made to just survive, we were made to conquer!!!

You are more than a conqueror!!! #godstimingisperfect#themakingofme2017 #mytime #myvoice #mystory #mypeace #msleerica#theuntoldstory 🖤🖤

LeErica Richards